Who We Are

The Illinois Council on Best Management Practices (CBMP) is a coalition of agricultural organizations and agribusinesses including Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Corn Growers Association, Illinois Soybean Association Checkoff Program, Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, Syngenta, GROWMARK, and Monsanto. CBMP was founded in 1998.

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Our Mission

Working to assist and encourage adoption of best management practices (BMPs) to protect and enhance natural resources and the sustainability of agriculture in Illinois.

Our Goals

  • Identify effective, environmentally sound and economically sustainable BMPs for production agriculture
  • Increase farmers’ voluntary adoption of BMPs through promotion, education, information transfer, demonstration, evaluation, incentives and recognition programs
  • Communicate with stakeholders the progress made toward BMP adoption

Our Program Focus

Our focus is on reducing nutrient losses and enhancing nutrient efficiency. Significant resources are dedicated to education and outreach on best management practices to the agricultural community in eight priority watersheds, including Lake Springfield, Lake Decatur, Evergreen Lake, Lake Bloomington, Vermilion River (Illinois Basin), Salt Fork Vermilion River (Wabash Basin), Lake Vermilion and Lake Mauvaise Terre.

Member Organizations

Illinois Farm Bureau

Illinois Soybean Association Checkoff Program

Illinois Corn Growers Association

Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association

Illinois Pork Producers Association