Priority Watersheds

The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy identifies priority watersheds based on the resource concerns discussed in the Science Assessment. Keep it for the Crop watersheds, nitrate-nitrogen loss concern watersheds, and total phosphorus loss concern watersheds are displayed below.

Keep it 4R Crop (KIC) Priority Watersheds:

Lake Bloomington Watershed

Lake Vermilion Watershed

Salt Fork Vermilion River Watershed

Vermilion River Watershed (Illinois River Basin)

Lake Decatur Watershed

Lake Mauvaise Terre Watershed

Lake Springfield Watershed

Evergreen Lake Watershed

KIC_Prioritization_2013 Update.jpg


Lower Illinois-Senachwine Lake Watershed

Lower Rock River Watershed

Mississippi Central Watershed/Henderson Creek

Vermilion-Illinois River Watershed

Vermilion-Wabash River Watershed


Total Phosphorus

Big Muddy River Watershed

Embarras River Watershed

Little Wabash River Watershed