Salt Fork Vermilion River (Wabash Basin)

Salt Fork Vermilion River Watershed Map

Watershed Implementation Plan for the Upper Salt Fork of the Vermilion River 

The Salt Fork Vermilion River Watershed encompasses approximately 381 square miles in Champaign and Vermilion Counties. Over 80% of the drainage area is used for row crop agriculture. Cities and towns included in the watershed are Urbana, Champaign, Ludlow, Rantoul, Gifford, Thomasboro, Royal, St. Joseph, Ogden, Philo, Sidney, and Homer.

Because of the glacial legacy in this region, this watershed is mostly flat and the soils are very fertile. Some of the most productive soils in the state are found in this region. Many historical accounts exist that describe both the vastness of the tall grass prairie in the marshy upland areas as well as the sheltering timbered areas long the stream corridors. A Watershed Plan was started in 2005 and finalized in May of 2007. Both the Champaign and Vermilion County SWCDs have worked with the USDA and others partners on promoting and installing Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) practices, as well as conservation tillage and nutrient management.