Drainage Water Management

In tile drained agricultural fields, water management is of the utmost importance. Drainage Water Management, or DWM, helps producers manage water through a drainage control structure. This structure allows for the analysis and budgeting of surface and sub-surface water to increase production, decrease risk, and maximize nutrient uptake by your crop. 

 NRCS explains the benefits of Drainage Water Management: 

Further Reading:
  • See NRCS's Fact Sheet here
  • NRCS also put together a series of state and county maps and spreadsheets depicting acres that may be suitable for drainage water management. Find your county map and spreadsheet here
  • Purdue researchers, along with researchers at the University of Illinois, put together this helpful Q&A Fact Sheet about DWM, which you can check out here.
  • Iowa NRCS also put together this fact sheet about DWM.