Lake Mauvaise Terre

Lake Mauvaise Terre Watershed Map

Mauvaise Terre Creek Watershed TMDL Report

Lake Mauvaise Terre watershed, located in Morgan County, encompasses 34.3 square miles or approximately 21,000 acres. Lake Mauvaise Terre was completed in 1923 and modified in 1983. The City of Jacksonville, Illinois, draws drinking water from Lake Mauvaise Terre after getting most of their water from groundwater sources.

The City of Jacksonville partnered with the American Farmland Trust (AFT) to commission a watershed study and implementation plan to increase conservation practice participation in the watershed. AFT is currently engaged in a two-year education and outreach effort focusing on critical locations identified in their study. In the future, they hope to apply for funding for the installation of conservation practices, and stress that the City’s expensive dredging projects will continue unless there’s something done to contain future watershed erosion.


CBMP continues to develop working partnerships including an effort in the Lake Mauvasie Terre Watershed with American Farmland Trust to reduce phosphorus levels.