Nutrient Research & Education Council

The Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC) was created for the following purposes: 

  1. To pursue nutrient research and educational programs to ensure the adoption and implementation of practices that optimize nutrient use efficiency, ensure soil fertility, and address environmental concerns with regard to fertilizer use.

  2. To prioritize nutrient research and education needs and solicit research proposals to generate findings and make recommendations to the industry based on the findings.

  3. To evaluate the proposed budget for each project and make recommendations as necessary.

  4. To arrange for peer review of all proposals for scientific merit and methods.

  5. To report the findings of all research and education projects at industry conferences, and provide learning opportunities for certified crop advisors, crop production professionals, agricultural producers and other individuals associated with agriculture and agribusiness.

  6. To publish the findings and implement programs to apply the research recommendations in agricultural production systems and in consumer use markets where appropriate.

  7. To engage in outreach and field level trials and educational programs with growers and consumers, publicize these events and provide learning opportunities for the general  population to ensure that our society understands the importance of nutrient utilization.

  8. Where practical, cooperate with other programs with similar goals.

  9. To promote a unified message on behalf of the NREC.

  10. To take any other actions consistent with Items A through I above.